Boamc Thuiyz Jungx Muishaung dictionary

Collaborative dictionary project with Mr. Wanglung Kelim Mossang of Arunachal Pradesh for the Muishaung language, a Tibeto-Burman variety spoken on the India/Myanmar border. 2015 – present. Development of tools to collaborate remotely in the creation and management of a database and a corresponding mobile phone app for community use. Click title for more info.

Ichō dictionary development software

Development of desktop and mobile applications for collaborative collection and management of community-driven dictionaries for under-documented languages.

Tai Phake dictionary

Assistance in development of the Tai Phake dictionary of around 20,000 words with Mr. Ailot Hailowng currently of Dibrugarh, Assam, India. 2015 – present. Mobile phone edition release planned for December 2019.

乡音苑 Phonemica

Creator, co-founder with Steve Hansen, primary developer. 2011 - present. Online platform for crowd-sourced dialect and oral history preservation, focused primarily on minority languages in and around China.

Singpho mobile phone dictionary

Developed in collaboration with the Singpho Language & Cultural Development Society based on initial data collection by Ven. Pannasara Thera.

Tangsa-Nocte linguistic database

Development of a collaborative database intended to store the collected knowledge of Tangsa-Nocte language varieties by documentary researchers. 2018 – present. Funded through La Trobe University by a grant received by Dr. Stephen Morey and Dr. Jürgen Schöpf.